The Titanium frames make their début

September 2017: our new frame collection is on the market, realized with one of the most extraordinary metals present in nature: titanium.

Strong as steel but 50% lighter, it resists to the oxidation and to high temperature, ductile and malleable, it has perfect mechanical characteristics: we are speaking about the titanium.

The power of natural elements finds in EBlock its perfect harmony: a frame that expresses the overwhelming strength of the earth. Eblock is, simply, the titanium frame more resistant on Earth.

We have chosen and strongly wanted it in our collection for that very reason: it is the perfect material for a strong personality eyewear, such as Eblock, which has always been the leader in the metal eyewear sector – real expertise of the brand for more than 40 years.

Il materiale purissimo di un occhiale in Titanio Eblock

Characteristics of our titanium frames

The super-sophisticated Eblock Titanio collection has in its DNA clean lines, minimalism, taste for an incomparable and timeless style, where a creative design joins a constant research.

A first collection, purposely reduced and exclusive. It is composed of six models, completely designed in Italy and available in 24 different colours. This is an eyeglasses collection conceived and produced to make people to appreciate the main characteristics of the brand.

“Minimal lines and intrinsic elegance – says Umberto Valentini, General Sales Manager of the Company – are the main characteristics of our creations and it is in this direction that goes our mood, with the added value of a unique and patented locking system – our “block” that is a distinctive sign of our brand”.

La creazione della collezione occhiali in titanio di Eblock

The titanium frame, signed Eblock, portrays the true concept of minimalist luxury, where the linearity of the Italian design blends with the excellence of materials.
Our mission is to offer you a timeless frame that will help you to express the true essence of your personality and look.