The most durable eyeglasses? Eblock Titanio

Everybody knows that, since I was only 4 years old I used to wear eyeglasses.

Initially, it was a shock, I still remember the first day outside school, begging my mum to take me back home, I got my eyes full of tears while my best friend ever kept saying that I was beautiful.

Once I grew up, glasses became part of me, first because for twenty years I have worn them, taking them from my bedside table every morning, then because I cannot see without them, so I could not live without!

I have been changing a lot of glass frames in all these years, sometimes for fashion, sometimes because I broke them, hence I tried Eblock Titanio eyeglasses.

The key of these products is titanium which makes eyeglasses more durable and lighter at the same time.

Eblock Titanio products are realized exclusively in Italy and are charachterized by a modern and refined design to suit every shape’s face. A perfect mix of quality and beauty!

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[Post by Le Balzi: post, photo, video by Alessandra & Federica]