Eblock Titanio eyeglasses: elegance and high-tech

Eblock Titanio eyeglasses: elegance and high-tech

Eblock Titanio eyeglasses. I have been wearing glasses since I was a child. Sometimes, when I was younger, I refused to wear them. Why? Because I was afraid to be made a fool. Today, if I think about that time, I smile. When you grow up, you become self-aware and learn to know that there is a suitable frame for everyone. More than a functioning device, eyeglasses complete our outfit making it unique.

I was looking for a new eyeglass that could mix some important features to me: design, lightweight and durability.
Chose the Side Circle – EB 704 model, in matt grey and acid green colour (see picture below): a perfect colour mix which valorizes the eyeglass shape, in an elegant way.

Eblock Titanio is a pure titanium eyewear line, created and manufactured in Italy, guaranteeing durability and comfort. The design is in line with the latest trends for a cutting-edge and an up-to-date look. Furthermore, the variety of shapes and colours makes it suitable for everyone and all face shape.
See the whole Eblock Titanio Collection.

Eblock prescription glasses are in pure titanium: a guarantee certificate proves its authenticity directly from Japan, the homeland of this excellent material. Eblock technology consits of pure titanium to preserve its features with the passing of time. Titanium is a strong but lightweight material, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biocompatible.

For its peculiarity, Eblock prescription eyeglasses frames are very resistant and are half-weight lighter than normal frames: they are so lightweight that I actually forget I am wearing them.

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