Strong as steel but 50% lighter, it resists to the oxidation and to high temperature, ductile and malleable, it has perfect mechanical characteristics: we are speaking about the titanium.

It is the perfect material for an eyewear with strong personality such as the one signed Eblock.

Occhiali in titanio eblock Side Circle - EB 704T - T018T017


The Eblock choice is a choice without compromises: only pure titanium, coming from selected manufacturers and always monitored. For this reasons each of our frame is provided of a Certificate of authenticity that certify quality and provenience.

We wanted to use pure titanium for maintaining the characteristics that make it unique: it is non-allergic, non-toxic and biocompatible.

The titanium is an extraordinary material: it can be hard and very light at the same time. Strong as steel but it is very light: an Eblock Titanio frame is almost half of the weight of a normal frame made with other metals.

The power of natural elements meets in Eblock Titanio its perfect harmony: a frame that expresses the overwhelming power of the earth. Eblock is simply the most resistant frame of the world.



The Eblock frame chooses to be unique and irreplaceable: classical shapes have been revisited with a studied and modern taste to create a timeless, elegant and stylish frame.

Titanium frames are coloured according to a specific painting process. After an initial sandblasting, follows the drawing up of a primer film which guarantees the seal for the two following colouring and surface protection treatments. All varnishing processes and the material used ensure brilliance and prolonged durability as tested by certification tests conducted by the “Certottica” Certification Body.

In each Eblock eyeglass, materials and colours blend to create frames that are characterized by the unique and recognizable technology of the Easy Block, distinctive element of the brand.

From nosepads to templetips, from the smallest screw to the material used for the temples, everything in Eblock collection speaks of quality. We use only components made in Europe and every detail is studied to give maximum reliability over time.
Eblock Titanio is the frame that does not want to conform but that assert itself. This is the frame for who knows who he is, not for those that want to show they are.


Eblock Titanio is a dream come true in Cadore. The place where the Eyewear district is born over a century ago, in the shadow of the Dolomites.


It is not a coincidence that, starting for this unique territory, the EBLOCK project has developed.

Eblock come to life from the expertise and the know-how of SOM EYEWEAR, unique expertise and know-how in this sector. With these premises Giovanni Sommavilla and Umberto Valentini, starting from a great personal experience in eyewear design and marketing, give birth to the EBLOCK brand, a mono-concept collection eyewear based on the revolutionary and patented Easy Block lenses locking system.

Refined design, products of quality, fast deliveries, reliability and customer care expertise: all this is the reason of the EBLOCK success.

Here here comes to life the dream of titaniu, too: a frame that tells the true essence of EBLOCK’s spirit. A light and resistant element that is very popular among men and women that, like Eblock, don’t stop dreaming and struggling. Never.